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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of your practice?

My goal is to provide the highest-quality endocrine care and service, emphasizing a proactive, comprehensive approach to both disease prevention and wellness. I strive to provide excellence in care that is both compassionate and truly patient-focused. From the moment you enter my office, I want you to be completely satisfied with every aspect of your care.

How is the practice different from a traditional endocrine practice?

.I have intentionally limited the size of my practice in order to devote more time to each patient’s care and individual needs. I also offer patients certain non-covered amenities and benefits designed to personalize and enhance their health care experience. Patients will have little or no office waiting room time, and appointments will start promptly. This practice model also enables me to schedule longer patient appointments (approximately 30 minutes for routine appointments) that they, or I, feel they need. If an issue requires extra time for evaluation or discussion, I will accommodate patients to the best of my ability. Also, you will be able to contact me on my personal patient-dedicated cell phone and email, making it easier than ever to communicate.

At which hospital will you be on staff?

I am on staff at Virginia Hospital Center..

Who will cover for you when you are not available?

My goal is to be available to my patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, there will be occasions when I am out of town or otherwise unavailable. In these situations, a trusted colleague will serve as my covering physician.

Do I still need health insurance if I enroll with you?

Yes. My personalized care practice will not take the place of general health insurance coverage.  Neither the fee nor the amenities take the place of general health insurance coverage. You are advised to continue your Medicare or other health insurance program coverage and to participate in your FSA or HSA plan.

Will you be a Participating Provider for Medicare?

Yes. My office will file your claims with Medicare as well as with your supplemental insurer on your behalf, as required by law. For any patients who have a Medicare Advantage plan, office visit fees that are not reimbursed by insurance will be the responsibility of the patient.

Is the annual fee tax deductible or reimbursable through my FSA or HSA?

In some instances, the annual fee, or part of the fee, may be payable through your HSA. You are advised to consult with your FSA or HSA plan administrator, employer, HR representative or tax adviser to clarify qualification in your particular circumstance.

What about labs, X-rays, specialists’ fees and hospitalization?

Your annual fee pays for membership in the practice and for many other non-covered benefits. All medical procedures and services, whether performed by me in my office or by other providers or health care facilities, will be billed by the performing physician and/or entity.

What should I do if I become ill while traveling or away on an extended vacation?

If the problem is minor, call me first. However, if you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately – then you can call me. With the exception of controlled substances, I will seek to accommodate your prescription requests if state/local law allows. If you seek endocrine care at an emergency room or urgent care center out of my area, you should feel free to ask the doctor seeing you to call me for coordination of your care. I will be readily available for a phone consultation with you and/or other health care personnel. If you should require hospitalization while away, at your request, I will attempt to establish regular phone communication with you and your attending physician(s) to ensure continuity of care.

What if I need to see a specialist or a surgeon?

Should you desire, I am available to help you decide which specialist to see and to coordinate such consultations. This will ensure the most appropriate resource is used, the earliest arrangements are made, and your applicable medical information is sent in advance of your specialist visit.

Will I be required to pay my annual fee even if I do not use your services?

Yes. Paying your annual fee allows you to be a member of my practice and to be in touch with me whether you are sick or well. I strongly encourage you to utilize the benefits offered, regardless of your state of health, to proactively safeguard your well-being.